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You’re sexy and you know it!

ladybugs matingAccording to LMFAO we’re all sexy and we know it!

It’s great to live in an age of such sexual liberation but it comes with downsides too.

Reports have come out today saying three quarters of college students have had unprotected sex.  Only 70% have been tested for an sexually transmitted infection (STI).

That’s scary amount of possible STI’s out there, but this doesn’t mean we all have to move to a monastery. Most of us know the importance of practising safe sex (if you don’t check out this link) but this research suggest’s it’s a different story when it comes down to it.

Pass the gum

Would you share gum or a toothbrush with everyone that your partner ever slept with? OK, that would be totally gross! But if you have unprotected sex it’s pretty much like sleeping with everyone your partner has. That’s potentially some pretty nasty old gum, eh?

If you and your partner are not practising safe sex now then why would you think they used protection with people in the past?

Safe sex

We’re not talking about not doing it on the edge of a cliff (although that’s probably not a very good idea either), but taking precautions to protect you from STI’s is important.

Talking to your partner about using condoms may seem like a passion killer but it’s still slightly less awkward then the who gave who chlamydia discussion you could be having if you don’t use one. Even if it’s just a one night stand you need to be prepared.

Passion killers

In fact, contrary to popular belief using condoms brings couples closer together. Talking with your partner about sexual health makes the relationship more intimate. Communication brings people closer together and talking openly about what can be seen as an awkward topic can actually turn out quite funny and give you a chance to show off your sense of humour.

If you are not using them this may be because you are too shy to ask or are scared of a negative reaction. The first time it can feel a bit awkward but being un-assertive really isn’t sexy.

Confidence is hot! So stand up for yourself and your health. At the end of the day if your partner isn’t into it then they’re not worth it.

Sex tax

Getting your hands on condoms can be expensive and mortifying. Especially if your nan works in your local chemist.

If you’re embarrassed and don’t want to hide in a toilet cubicle until everyone has left the bathroom so you can get them from a vending machine then check out your college this week.

This week is SHAG week on most college campuses, so there will heaps of stands and people (on some campuses dressed as giant sperm) handing out free condoms.  If you run out before this time next year you can get free condoms from most student’s unions or on-campus health centres all year round. Remember to stock up while they’re free!

If your not in college you can pick up condoms in  most shops and pharmacies or visit a youth health centre, sexual health clinics (eg the Well Woman Centre) or vending machines in pubs and venues.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment so the trick is to be prepared. Thinks about what you would say beforehand and always carry condoms with you.

Check out these articles for more information on STI tests, other types of contraception and facts about sex.

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