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mirror on wallkBody image is a term that keeps popping lately, whether it’s about H&M using computer generated models, dangerously skinny models or plastic surgery gone wrong.

So what does it mean

Body image refers to how we feel about the way we look, or how we see ourselves. It’s influenced by our own attitudes, beliefs and self-esteem as well as society, the media and our friends.

It’s not news that images in the media and fashion publications portray an unrealistic representation of how people really look. Only around 5% of women are the right height and weight ratio to be supermodels. Then by the time we see pictures of them hair stylists, make up artists, lighting and not to forget the air-brushing have been involved.

Easier said than done

We all know this but when we’re bombarded with images of  “perfection” it’s easy to forget and it’s only human nature to start comparing ourselves.


It may be some solace to know that even the models in the pictures themselves find it a real challenge. Last week, Ananda Marchildon, winner of Holland’s Next Top Model announced she is suing Elite modelling agency after they refused to work with her because they say she is “too fat”.

All this despite her weighing less then she did when she won the show. If this is the pressure put on 92cm waisted super models, what hope do we normals have?

Everyone has their own hang ups, ask anyone. Even your most confident friend can tell you at least one thing they’re self conscious about off the top of their head.

Becoming a problem

We all have days where we wake up with a new spot on our face or have a bad hair day and just feel crap. If you’re feeling bad about the way you look to the extent that it interferes with your normal everyday life then it’s an issue and you should speak to someone about it.

Be realistic and don’t obsess

Having realistic expectations of ourselves is the first step to feeling good about who we are. What you look like is not a refection of who you are.

A recent study has shown that the more we look in the mirror the less confident we feel about our looks. People who spend less time looking in the mirror tend to focus on the bits of themselves they like. So take some advise from the high school musical star Monique Coleman and get out of the mirror.

Take a look at body image.

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