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Safer Internet Day

safer internet day logoToday is “Safer Internet Day” which is organised each year by Insafe – a European network promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet.

The findings of a survey of 800 parents were released yesterday about their concerns of their children coming across inappropriate content and giving their details to strangers.

Although people growing up with the Internet are quite aware of what and what not to do online, there are some things we need all reminding of from time to time.

Useful  resources

Insafe have a facebook page here and their website provides reources for parents, teachers and children.

Even if you don’t fit it into any of those categories, it’s worth taking a look and reminding yourself that nothing you do online is really anonymous and to look after your privacy.

We all know there some sites that like to change privacy settings quite a lot too, so it’s important to stay on top of them.

Protect yourself

The internet is a huge feature in a lot of peoples’ lives with most people using it now for communication, education and entertainment. It has seen an unfortunate rise in bullying, called cyber bullying. We have posted a series of blog entries about this and how to protect yourself.

But it also taking note of the points in staying safe online.

Protect your computer

The Insafe website also contains handy information, that everyone should know, about protecting your accounts and computer from viruses, cos they can really wreck your buzz.

So safe surfing!

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