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Don’t let unemployment get you down

dice spelling out word workLooking for work is hard, particularly now, in this economic climate and it’s probably not that much comfort to know you’re not alone. But you’re not.

Without work it’s easy to lose confidence in yourself. But there are things you can do to stay active and motivated.


Volunteering is a good way to get that all so precious on-the-job experience. As well as doing something cool for your community you get to learn new skills, get good references for your CV and gain  practical work experience.


Watching TV or playing video games all night then sleeping all day may seem like one of the few perks of being jobless but it’s easy enough to get stuck in a rut that way. Sure, it’s ok every now and then, but eating and sleeping well and exercising regularly are vital to staying happy and motivated.

Talk to someone

There’s no denying it. Being unemployed can suck. Not having something you absolutely have to get out of bed for, rejection letters and not enough cash wears a bit thin. If you’re feeling down, talk to somebody about it. The stress and pressure of looking for work can skew our views of ourselves and our world, talking to someone you trust will put things back in perspective and help you de-stress.

Stay confident

The longer you are looking for work the harder it feels. Try to remember the skills you have are valuable. No matter how awesome you and your CV are, you are going to get rejection letters or no response at all.

Remember this is not a reflection on you as a person but on understaffed, overworked HR departments. If you are getting a negative response over and over again you may need to change your approach.  Reworking your CV, volunteering and up-skilling can all give you a new edge. Read applying for jobs for more tips.

Stay connected

If you’re looking for work it’s likely that you can’t afford to go out much. Don’t use this as an excuse not to see your friends. Remember a lot of people are feeling the pinch right now. Calling over to a friends house for a cuppa and a chat is free. Staying in is still the new going out.

Look at it as an opportunity

Ok, this is much easier said than done but try to look at the positives if you can. You may not have any money but it’s likely  you have time.

Remember that novel you always wanted to write but just never got around to? Or how you always wanted to get fit but could never find the time? Good thing you can’t afford those gym fees anymore, they’re awful places, go for a run outside .

Now’s your chance. Put a few hours aside each day to do something for yourself, you know, the way you never can when you’re working for the man.

Take a break

Stop listening to the news for a while. It’s de-motivating to hear about unemployment rates all the time. Lots of us have gotten jobs in the last year so you don’t need the media telling you all the time you can’t get a job.

If you’re looking for work, take a look at this article on applying for jobs.

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