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bubblesSelf-harm is a behaviour that is often related to difficult or painful feelings.

If you are self-harming or are worried about someone who is, it can be hard to know what to do.

This article outlines the reasons why someone might self-harm, how to find help and how to find ways of coping without harming yourself. But sometimes it is easier to get advice straight from an expert or from stories from other people who have been through similar experiences and have come through.

Expert advice

If you have any questions about self -harm you still have two days left to ask our expert Rory O’Connor.

Rory is from the University of Sterling in Scotland and is an expert on self-harm in young people. He is happy to answer any questions you may have. These could be about yourself a friend or a family member.


You could also check out the story “my green box” on our site. It is written by a young person and explains how they deal with their urges to self harm.


Cotton” is a visual representation of a young person’s story, about dealing with  depression and self-harm.

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