Helping you get through tough times

Supporting a loved one

sad girlWhen someone close to us is going through a tough time it can be hard to deal with. Supporting them can be stressful and can lead to overwhelming emotions of our own.

It’s only natural to want to support our loved ones but it’s also important to look after ourselves. After all, if we don’t make sure we’re OK then we won’t be able to support others.

Alcohol problems

Recently a young woman shared her story with us of the realisation of her brother’s alcoholism. She explains how dealing with her brother’s problems on top of her own feelings and the stress of exams led to her depression and of how she got help.

Helpful links

If you’re worried about someone’s drug or alcohol use or how to support them or would like more information on depression then check out these articles. There’s loads of great tips for dealing with stress, managing exam stress and information about how to find support.

Helpful links

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