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People we met in 2011

It’s the season for the year round ups; movies, music, photos and media events. All these lists have made us think about all we’ve been up to and it’s a been a busy year.

We’ve met some awesome people in 2011. Their involvement with us is helping getting the message out about while sharing some tips on how they get through tough times.

Donal Skehan

The kitchen hero himself Donal Skehan told us about the importance of healthy eating and good mood food. He also demonstrated a hearty quick and cheap recipe for us. Nom, nom.

James O’Neill

James O’Neill from band Bitches with Wolves talked to us about how he manages such a hectic schedule.

Post-festival blues

At Oxegen 2011 we asked Laura Whitmore, Glenda Gilson, Dan O’Reilly from the Coronas what they do to combat those post-festival blues that be quite hellish.

We got our giggle on

We hosted a comedy night in July and spoke to the comedians Shazwanda, Fred Cooke, Jack Wise and Eric Lalor about how they deal with nerves and get through tough times.

So what do you think?

Clair Swinburne just launched her book, “So what do you think?” in December and is very kindly donating the proceeds to


Then of course there’s our volunteers, who a lot of the events we run couldn’t actually happen with out them. Here is a small snapshot of their work. On the off-chance that you’re kicking around the idea of volunteering in the new year, take a look at different ways you can get involved with us and met all the awesome people at, ahem. 

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