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Small acts of kindness

smiling girlIf you have been stressed this year then you are not alone. According to this year’s¬†Samaritans annual survey, 24% of people considered 2011 a bad year or their worst year ever.

Financial crisis

It may not be surprising considering the current economic climate that one in five people contacting the charity this year talked about job concerns, housing problems, debt and other financial pressures. This has doubled from one in ten calls in 2008.

Consumerist Christmas?

Christmas time especially can emphasise financial worries. It’s easy to get caught up in the consumerism of Christmas. Whole industries designed around encouraging us to buy, buy, buy, so let’s not beat ourselves up about it.

Show some love

We all want to show everyone how much we care but is buying presents the best way to do this?

What we will remember in years to come is not the presents but the time spent together. What really matters in our day to day life is not things but our interactions with people.

Small acts of kindness

Acting kind is not a new idea and it’s free! It’s the little things that make life awesome which has just been supported by the Samaritans latest survey.

The survey

Despite the financial worries people said small acts of kindness, such as someone smiling at them (53%), giving them a hug (52%) or a compliment (52%), listening to them (44%) and having time to chat (44%), helped brighten their day.  These things are free and they are the things that help us cope from day-to-day.

Not all about the money money, money

So there we have it, in the words of Jessie Jay it’s not all about the money. The best possible present you can give is to ensure you stay a happy and healthy so you can smile, hug , listen and chat with them all year long


So go on give it a go. It’s a win/win/win situation. The person you are being kind to feels good because of your actions, you feel good for having helped someone and the world is a better place through your kindness.

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