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Don’t let lack of sleep make you a grinch this Christmas.

angry girlThese long dark nights can really interfere with our sleeping patterns but getting enough sleep is crucial to our daily lives. Sleep affects our memory, concentration and decision making processes. Not getting enough sleep can make us irritable and well just generally grumpy.

How much sleep?

When it comes to the amount of sleep you need, everyone is different. The recommendation is between six and eight hours a night. Finding the balance that is right for you will take time but there are a few golden rules to keep in mind.

Get a early night

If you’re not a character from Twilight then staying up to the wee hours probably isn’t a good idea. It’s tempting to stay up chatting to friends, reading just one more chapter of that book or finishing one more level of that game but allocating enough time to sleep is important. You can only burn the candles at both ends for so long.


We know it sounds boring but having a regular routine for bedtime is one of the best ways to improve your sleep. Having a routine like reading a book, having a warm bath or listening to soft music will give your body a powerful cue: it’s time to nod off.


Yes, it’s dark outside but you don’t need to sleep for all of the hours of darkness contained in an Irish winter. It’s tempting to curl up and ask to be woken up when summer gets here but it’ll make you more tired in the long run. Wrapping up warm and getting some exercise is one of the best ways to improve your sleep. If you can’t work yourself up to braving the cold, how about hitting the gym or getting some mates over for some living room zumba.

Your bed is not a desk

Studying in bed may seem like a cozy idea but if you associate your bed with events like work or errands, it will be harder to wind down at night. Reserve you bed for sleeping and sex.

Something more serious?

Not being able to sleep or sleeping to much could be a symptom of something more serious. If your sleeping patterns or lack there of are affecting your everyday life then you should speak to your doctor about it.

For more in depth information about sleeping and it’s benefits check out this article.

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