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Getting through the silly season

mistletoeSo you have your elf costume and your christmas jumper but is there anything else you should be considering before you head out the door?

Party time

There are loads of parties going on whether it’s with work, friends or family.

The downside

By the end of the season the late nights and drinking can take it’s toll. Feeling overtired and hungover is not a great recipe for Christmas spirit. Hangovers associated with Christmas parties are not inevitable. There are a few simple things that you can do to make sure you have a fun festive season without the fatigue.

Christmas survival guide in conjunction with Hot Press have come up with an easy to follow Christmas survival guide.

Sore head?

If after following these tips you still end up with a bit of a hangover check out’s  tips and busted myths about dealing with a hangover.

Look out for one and other

The most important thing is to look out for your friends. Make sure you don’t leave anyone on their own, especially if they have been drinking. You can also check out helping a friend who has drunk too much. By looking out for your mates you can ensure that everyone has a happy and safe festive season.

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