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Mental health resource guide, along with Headstrong, Foróige and BeLonG To have developed a guide for youth workers and volunteers working with young people’s mental health.

The resource was created to help clarify and act as a guide for anyone working with young people, particularly young people who may be vulnerable to mental health issues.

What is mental health?

The guide talks about how to support young people with their mental well-being. It explores what mental health is, before looking at factors that impact the development of mental health.  

It can also help young people promote and protect their own mental health, although the guide is primarily for youth workers and volunteers. The focus is on:

• Terms commonly used to describe mental health difficulties
• When you should be concerned and what to look for
• Understanding mental health services and “signposting” young people towards support
• Helpful hints when contacting services
• Roles people can play when supporting young people
• Looking after yourself
• A guide to local and national resources

Download resource in .pdf format (1.5 MB)

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