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Giving thanks

thanksgiving turkeyWe don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland, though apparently there was a traditional Thanksgiving in O’ Donoghue’s in Dublin last night Rihanna stylee. But, there’s no harm in stopping and thinking about what you’re thankful for every now and then.

Health and well-being

In fact, many psychologists have been lauding gratitude as very important to our health and well-being. It seems that being a grateful person can help you mange stress. The positive outlook that thankful people have is also said to be an immune booster.

Lifting your mood

It’s actually starting to sound like a bit of a wonder trait, but if you think about it, it’s easy to realise what you appreciate when you’re in good form. So, maybe reminding yourself of these things can lift your mood when you need it.

So much about gratitude is about people’s outlook and perceptions and the Irish “count your blessings” attitude in our culture is why Ireland ends high up in the happiness scales quite a lot.

No, it’s true we do. The UN is always telling us we’re nearly topping the satisfaction charts.

Positives of the day

These are indeed tough times and it can be easy to get swept up in negative press  but it’s important to remember to take time out to, yep you know it, count our blessings.

By stopping each day and listing three things that were good, or you enjoyed or appreciate, whatever they are will do you wonders and help you stay optimistic in the winter months.

Judging by photos online today, there are few people grateful they went to O’Donoghue’s last night, getting to meet Rihanna.

So, go on give it a try and post your three positives below.


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