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Gay Prom

gay prom flyer 2011 courtesy of BeLonG ToThis Friday youth charity BeLonG To will be hosting Gay Prom, one of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) events of the year.

We spoke to Toni, twenty-year-old youth facilitator for BeLonG To about Gay Prom. What it means to her, who should go, what the vibe is and most importantly what she is wearing.

So what’s Gay Prom all about?

For me Gay Prom is a chance to go to my debs and feel comfortable. At my school debs I wouldn’t have felt comfortable wearing a dress or a tux and there was no in-between option. I felt like I had to conform, so decided not to go. I did feel like I missed out not going to my debs. I missed out on catching up with classmates and it was hard seeing all the photos and comments on Face-book afterwards.  Gay Prom is a second chance.

Who should go?

It’s for anyone. It does draw a bit of a younger crowd, people in their twenties but anyone could go. Especially anyone who didn’t get to go to their debs because of homophobic bullying or because they had already left school. It’s more of an alternative debs than just for LGBT people, it’s for anyone who didn’t go to their debs because they felt they didn’t fit in. A mix of all different kinds of people will make the night all the better.

Why it’s important

Gay prom is important for many reasons like giving people a second chance at the debs they should have had.  One of the reasons I am so passionate about going is because all the money raised goes straight to BeLonG To and into helping LGBT young people. It’s also a great opportunity for young LGBT people to see positive role models in committed long term relationships.

The vibe

It’s my first time going to Gay Prom but I am expecting the vibe to be great. I’m hoping for an accepting and community atmosphere as well as good fun.

Dress code

Anything goes really, I’m wearing a multi coloured shirt, grey quarter lengths, a trilby and a bow tie.

The when, where and how

When: this Friday 25th of November.
Where: The Mansion house, Dublin.
Tickets: tickets are forty euro and you can get them at the door or here.

Gay Prom is for ages 18 to infinity and will be featuring special guest performers, fabulous food, dancing until very late and the crowning of the Gay Prom King and Queen.

Come along! It’ll be awesome

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