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Unfold is a short animation that explores the issue of self-esteem. Made by young film maker Stephen Power, this film was second runner up in Inspire a Generation Film competition 2011.

Unfold transcript:

Life is an unfolding, not an accumulation. We are all our own hero on our own personal journey through life. But sometimes we may feel we are more of our own worst enemy, when we begin to think to ourselves that we are not good enough.


When you have low self-esteem, you may feel like you will fail before you even start something. Or, that you need to do things you don’t want to do, just to impress other people. You might even compare yourself to others and feel that everyone else has it better than you. This is simply not the case. At some point everyone feels the grass is greener on the other side.

The world inside and the world outside

There is a world inside, and a world outside. The world inside is you, the hero of your own journey. The world outside is everything else, but is also a reflection of your world inside.

Therefore; your world inside shapes your world outside. Sound confusing? Well it’s all abut the power of thought. After all, if you wanted to comb your hair, would you comb your reflection? Change must happen on the world inside.

Accepting who you are

Think about someone you admire, the chances are, when you break it down, the reason you look up to them is a result of them having good self-esteem. This allows that person to learn from their mistakes in a constructive way. Using words like shoulda, woulda, coulda can be dangerous. Accept who you are, and know that the perfect version of yourself is a long-term goal.

Act confident!

Focus on your own strengths and set realistic goals for yourself. Not to compete with others, but for your own personal development. If you do not achieve what you set out to; do not knock yourself down.

You need to like yourself whether or not you succeed. Stand up straight, act confident! Think of what you have learned during the process. Then focus on how you can improve in the future. Everything you experience is a learning curve, so try to roll with the punches.

The power of thought

A reporter once asked Thomas Edison, before he invented the lightbulb; how did he feel to have failed 10,000 times. Edison replied “I have not failed ten thousand times, I have succeeded in proving that those ten thousand ways will not work.” This is the attitude of not seeing failure.

But instead, opportunity. Find something you like, and you feel you are good at, however small, and focus your energy towards it. Build on it and you will soon see the power of thought bring confidence towards this energy.

Yours to unfold

Remember, that other people have other challenges and your life is yours to unfold.

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