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Combatting the doubt

Transitions in life are something we all face on a regular basis. Whether it’s moving school, changing job or starting college, facing into a new chapter in your life can be challenging. How are you supposed to cope with these changes when you’re constantly shrouded in doubt?

New Beginnings

I recently graduated from college and was one of the lucky ones to have secured a job. Having grown up in Cork City and living at home all my life, I was fortunate that school and college were all close to home. Student accommodation was never a factor for me.  I managed to secure a job soon after leaving college but unfortunately it was based in Dublin. I was going to have to move out of home.


All of a sudden I was staring down a long tunnel at the daunting prospect of a new job, a new city, a new home. I was extremely grateful to have been offered a job but I felt like I was going to have to do all of this on my own. I wasn’t very confident I was going to succeed. Where was I going to live? Who would I live with? I wasn’t familiar with Dublin so how was I going to adjust? Would I be good at my job? These were all realistic doubts that weighed heavily on my mind.

Someone To Turn To

Eventually the stress became too much and I had to confide in someone. My father wouldn’t be the person I would usually turn to, but he was there for me regardless. He listened and eased my fears and concerns. I took it one step at a time. I decided the best course of action was to make a list of priorities about what had to be sorted sooner rather than later.

A Fresh Start

I spoke with friends and family and tried to see if other people were also making the move to Dublin. I spoke to my manager and explained my apprehensions and why I was nervous about starting off in my new position. He was understanding and eased my concerns. He explained that there’s an adjustment period for everyone in my situation and it just takes time to settle in. I researched Dublin and began to get excited about living in a vibrant and bustling city!

My worries were completely justified when I was facing into the unknown. I quickly discovered that I let them take over. My thoughts were just consumed with doubt. It really helped discussing everything with my father and I know any family member or friend would’ve listened just as much. When I looked at things with a clear head I was able to sort out my worries one at a time. I’m now three weeks into my job and I’m really enjoying learning what Dublin has to offer with my new housemate!
Life is full of change and it’s all about adapting as best you can. With the support of friends and family I’ve surprised myself with how much I can enjoy and take out of these new experiences. And I know you can too.

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