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Happy mental health week

growing_plant_weed courtesy of michealatacker on FlickrIt’s mental health week so you may have noticed a lot of stuff about mental health going on in recent days This week does not refer to (as urban dictionary would suggest) a quasi- legitimate excuse to take the week off work, college or school to “chill out”. As nice and arguably beneficial for our mental health as that would be.

So what is it actually?

The aim of mental health week is to raise awareness about mental health issues by promoting discussion and investment in prevention and treatment services. The week also serves as a reminder for us to be mindful about our own mental health and check in with our friends and family too.

Why do we care?

Anyone can go through a tough time. According to the World Health Organisation one in four people experience some kind of mental health issue. So if you are not the one who experiences a mental health difficulty the you will know someone who is.

Your challenge should you chose to accept it.

Our challenge to you is to do at least one thing this week to improve your positive mental health. Treat yourself, get an early night, spend time with people who make you feel good and take some time out to relax.


The other major reminder we get from mental health week is to check in with our friends. Although everything may seem fine from the outside allot of people go through a tough time and chances are that it will happen to someone you care about. Plan to do something nice for a friend, call, text or email and ask them how they are doing or arrange to catch up. It always feels good to be asked and feels even better to be listened to.

Stuff going on

If you want to learn more about mental health or are just looking for something fun to do, there are heaps of events going on all around the country this week. Check out the Seechange website for info on events for all counties.

Don’t forget

Mental health is for life not just a week. Remember to take care of your mental health all year round not just on mental health week. Let us know what you’re planning to do for you mental health this week by posting below.

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