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Moving against the traffic

Picture of airoplane wing taken from plane - curtosy of stock.xchngAs the newest member of the Inspire Ireland team I wanted to say “Hi”, but I am no stranger to Inspire.  In fact, I’ve just spent the last two years working for Inspire Australia in sunny Sydney. So, I wanted to share my experience of moving back to Ireland, when others seem to be going the opposite direction.

“Never get a job”

When I told people I was thinking of coming home their responses were pretty disheartening. Even my own mum thought I was mad. As much as she missed me, she thought I’d “never get a job here”.

Where I grew up

My reasons for coming home were many and I did have a list of pros and cons.  I had made many friends in Oz, loved my job with Inspire and well let’s not get into the weather. At the end of the day, I’m Irish, all my friends and family live here. This is where I grew up.

Not too shabby

I just wasn’t comfortable with the idea of never being able to come home because of the economic climate. So I came home and you know what? It’s actually not all that bad 😛

At home

I’ve been home about three months now and I’m not going to say it has all been sunshine and lollipops (especially not sunshine). It’s been a huge adjustment but I’m finally starting to feel at home at home again.


It’s been tough adjusting to live with my parents again after being out of home for years. Trying to catch up with my friends while managing to take time out for myself as well worrying about money, work and study have certainly kept me busy.

How to manage

I feel the need more than ever now to make preparations to stay sane for the imminent winter (Like taking up belly dancing classes!).

I think tips I’d give to anyone who is also moving against the traffic would be:

1.    Give it time. Moving country is a huge adjustment and all change takes time to get used to.
2.    Take time out for yourself. It’s easy to run around trying to please everybody especially after being away so long.
3.    Get excited about being home. Don’t loose sight of all the little things you love about Ireland. It can get tough but stay positive by planning for the future.

It’s awesome to meet you all.


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