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Where the heart is?

There’s lots of talk at the moment about dwellings lying idle at the moment around the country. This is of course of absolutely no benefit to many of you who are forced to move home after having your own independence.


Or even you haven’t moved out of home yet, and it could be time, well gone the time. No matter what seems to happen Ireland is still expensive. There’s no question jobs are harder to get and in some cases wages aren’t what they were, so moving out may not be an option. You could find yourself not well and needing your families support. 
In each case, even though it’s the helpful option, it could be the tough option.

Personal space

It’s hard to try when you are a young adult living with your parents to get your space and give space, as believe it or believe it not, they need their space too. Suddenly when it’s a house full of adults it can all get a bit claustrophobic.

There some ground rules that can help you all, making life easier for all of you when, for whatever reason, you find yourself having to move home or can’t move out.


Like most relationships the most helpful thing to prevent conflict happening is communication from the outset, but it’s not the magic secret. So take a look at moving back home for health or financial reasons.

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