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A tale of two games and two victories

Well well well, what a weekend for sport! Exhausting. Not to mention finishing it off in Coppers last night.ireland fans courtesy of irish times

This weekend was more than one lesson in realising never count your chickens, rest on your laurels or think that the race has been won before it’s been run. It’s a game of two halves.

Not good enough

Ireland, against all the odds, beat the Wallabies in a game they had been anticipating for the last two years. Going into the World Cup, no one had a good word to say about the Irish team’s recent performance and they started the tournament poorly.Their match against the US left them and their fans very despondent with Brian O’Driscoll saying it wasn’t good enough.

Not getting complacent

But they were resilient, bouncing back this weekend with their brilliant 15 – 6 victory. At the same time, they’re wary about getting complacent, which arguably was what Australia were. It’s not over, we’re only half way, they stated.

Thriving support

But the star of the show seemed to be the crowd. “You’d swear we were in Dublin with that support … it was about time we gave them something to shout about” said O’Driscoll. You could see the team thrived on it. We all need support and maybe that’s it, no matter how professional you are you can only rise to expectations, so negative commentary has a negative impact.

Complete bias

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that it felt like an All-Ireland match in Croke Park. Funny that, as the next day in Croke Park was the All-Ireland. This time Dublin were the underdogs against Kerry. We’ve many friends in Kerry but we need to be very clear, Bernard Brogan is an ambassador of ours and has done great work for us, so couldn’t even possibly begin to be neutral. Apart from the fact UP THE DUBS anyway. Sam’s coming home! Ahem.

Who could believe it?

Croke Park was trembling, trembling they said, at the end of the match as Brogan (did we mention he’s our friend?) put Dublin ahead by a point and Kerry equalised. But then, ice cool Dublin goalkeeper Stephen Cluxton scored the winning point. Dublin couldn’t believe it. Kerry couldn’t believe it. It was unbelievable! Very graciously though Kerry’s manager said, “Fifteen minutes ago, we thought we had it won. But that’s life.”


It’s been well accounted the changes Pat Gilroy, Dublin Manager, has made for the team and yesterday he spoke about the work they have put into their mindset and it’s clear he believes in his team. The talk today is all about belief and mental strength, well maybe a bit delicately after a night in Coppers. UP THE DUBS! UP IRELAND!

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