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The Jedward twinsFor those of you who watch Channel 5, or saw any of the tabloids, it seems poor old Jedward are getting a hard time on Celebrity Big Brother. Their manager has come out to speak up for them. Not for the first time, the word ‘bullying’ has been used to describe how people are treating the tall-haired twins.

Just a laugh?

In fairness, the Big Brother house has never been known for showcasing the greatest parts of human nature. It’s pretty much designed to bring out the worst in people. By singing themselves up for it, you could argue that a bit of slagging is to be expected. But when does a bit of slagging turn into bullying?

“We had each other”

Watching Jedward over the past two years, the thing that seems to help them stave off the negativity that’s thrown at them is their relationship with each other. They might get some stick for it, especially being carbon copies of each other, but their amazing friendship with each other is also the thing that gets them through, and wins people over. They might leave everyone else in the room exhausted and confused, but the two of them will be having a great time.

The pair have been open in the past about the bullying they encountered in school, and recently took part in a national anti-bullying campaign for the ISPCC. “We know firsthand how horrible bullying can be and so we jumped at the opportunity of being part of this campaign…we were bullied at school”, they told RTE, “ but we were lucky in one way as we had each other.”

What friends are for

Not everyone has an identical twin, and certainly not one like John and Edward. Even for them, their friendship won’t be the answer to all of life’s problems. But having good friends and knowing that what what think and how much they love you can be a shield if someone is giving you a hard time. Nothing works better against anyone that tries to make you feel small or stop you from being yourself.

A good friend will like you for who you are. Even, or maybe especially, when who you are is jumping on the couch or wearing a red PVC jumpsuit.

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