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The break-up

Couple fightingBreak ups are always tough, no matter who’s doing the breaking up. On the one side, you might be relieved to be out of the relationship, but on the other side, the feelings can be very different. We have all had that experience; the other side. Here’s how I dealt with it.

The first couple of weeks

I made a fool of myself. No doubt about it. I called, I texted, I went and met with my ex…I’m sure we have all felt the urge to do that, to continue on the relationship, like it will magically go back to being what it was during the good times. It hurt, big time. Every morning I would wake up, be okay for about 10 seconds, and then it would just hit me, like a wave. While going through a break up, we often forget that we actually have a life to get on with as well. So if you’re going through something like this, stay with me.

Getting on with life

You could wallow in self-pity for weeks on end, but is that really doing any good? Find yourself an outlet. It can be anything; fitness, music, work (don’t get too obsessed, that’s no good either), writing blogs (ha), anything that makes you remember; ‘hey, I’m actually alright on my own’.

Go on a couple of random dates. Meet up with friends, new and old. It does get better.

Everything happens for a reason

My outlet was music. I write songs, and what better inspiration is there than our lives. When it happened, I sat down, and to this day, wrote the best song I have ever written, and probably ever will write. I put it on the internet and people liked it. One friend liked it so much that he showed it to a friend of his who is a producer, and now I am in the studio recording an EP!

That cemented my belief that everything does happen for a reason. Would I go through all that pain again? In a heartbeat. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. The events in your life shape who you are, and I feel that you must make the best of what you have going forward, and not dwell too much on the past.

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