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disco ballIt’s finally here – after exams and a summer in limbo, the season of the party has arrived. From debs and grads to sixth year holidays, for a lot of people, it’s time for a last hurrah before college, work and winter kick in. Why not? Sure don’t you deserve it? It’s the end of an era, the beginning of new adventures, it’s a Thursday afternoon – the reasons to celebrate are endless.

If you’re heading off on a post-results trip to Aiya Napa, Cos, Crete or whatever other unfortunate island that is only dying for you and everyone you know to arrive, we’re looking at you. Or you there, getting set for the glamour (eh)of the debs in your powder blue tuxedo.

These events are milestones in your life and it is only fair that you cut loose and have a whale of a time (yes, a whole whale). But there might also be a couple of things you could be worried about, or that you should keep in mind:

Holiday hijinx

Our main piece of advice for all those heading off to foreign lands is if you can help it, don’t be an eejit. Stay safe, and if something seems dodge, give it a miss. Don’t break any laws, don’t offend the locals, and look after yourself!

  • Drink safe – in the heat, alcohol can affect you differently. It can go to your head more than normal, especially if you’re de-hydrated. Drink lots of water and try not to knock back alchopops when you’re thirsty. This may well also be the first time you’ve had the opportunity to head out seven nights in a row, so don’t feel you have to go totally mad on the first night – pace yourself.
  • Remember to eat – a vital piece of wisdom. Have dinner, it’s just a good idea.
  • Sun, sea and scorch-marks – wear suncream! Don’t sit out at midday, and try not to fall asleep on the beach. Nothing attractive about the lobster look, it’ll hurt and it’s bad for you. Be careful when you’re swimming, and don’t do it if you’ve been drinking. See point one.
  • Take care of your mates – look out for your friends, especially on a night out. Make sure you’re together, and that if someone seems the worse for wear that you keep an eye on them. Maybe pick a place where you can meet up if you all get separated.
  • Stranger danger – making new friends is great, and you’re not five so we won’t say don’t talk to strangers. But do be careful. If someone is bothering you, or you find their behaviour strange, stick with your friends and let them know what’s going on.

If you’re feeling under pressure to drink more than you want to, have a look here for some good tips on dealing with this.

Formal frolics

If you’ve got a debs or a grad around the corner, the same general message applies. Have a blast but mind yourself and your friends all the same. Again, there can be pressure to have the best night ever by getting completely trollied, so it’s important to stay safe and not let it get too much for you to handle.

With things like the debs, there can also be a lot of pressure about what you wear, how you look, who’s having the best night, not to mention getting a date. Check out peer pressure for tips on not letting it get to you.

Remember that you get to celebrate big changes in your life whatever way you want, and if this sort of thing isn’t your cup of tea, that’s ok. Have fun with your friends – that’s all it’s really about, after all.

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