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The road less travelled?

What’s your five point plan? Where do you see yourself in 10, 20, 30 years?

Arghhhhhh! Five point plan?!

airport timetable Life plan

Life is funny, especially the bit where you’re expected to decide what you want to do with it. In school we didn’t even have a choice about what socks we wore (in some places). Then we’re launched into the real world. Suddenly it’s all about choices – what course, what job, where to live, which life.

You thought school was pressure? Pffff you’re an adult now, pressure is on.

Changing your mind

In reality, very few of us have it all planned out when we’re 18, or 21, or 35-years-old. Even if we do, it can change a million times. As we grow, we change, we meet new people and experience new things that influence our decisions. Half the time those changes or uncertainty is what makes life interesting.

How many successful people started out doing what they do today? It can take a while and a roundabout way to find out your calling.


We recently met some comedians who performed at a comedy night for When we asked them how they got to where there are and was it what they always wanted to do and we got some very different answers from them. Have a look at what Jack Wise, Shazwanda, Eric Lalor and Fred Cooke had to say about what they do.

If everyone knew at 18-years-old exactly where there were going to be at 50-years-old, it’d be a bit of a plot spoiler. Where’s the fun in that?

Getting stuff done

Having said that, having a bit of a plan is a good thing in the short-term, because otherwise you can end up just watching Jeremy Kyle and not getting anything done.

You will nearly always know someone who seems to have it sorted out from day one and that’s fine. If you’re not one of them, if you’ve just gotten your results, just finished college or are at a crossroads in your life and you don’t have a road map, it’s ok. You’ll make it as you go, and who knows where it might lead.

But as for five point plans, what am I, Bismark, restoring the glory of the empire? (one for the Leaving Cert history students right there)

If you’ve just gotten your results or have left school have a look at some options available.

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