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F*ck your Mitsubishi, they’ve some self-esteem

Fact of the day: There’s a lot to be learned from the Rubberbandits. Very sagely speaking on the Tom Dunne show this morning they were on about the collective dent to the sense of identity young people in Ireland are experiencing at the moment


Solid self-esteem

Telling it like is really, that’s what they do. Irreverent as they are, causing all manner of controversy on the Joe Duffy show and singing songs about ridin’ and Willie O’Dea, the lads from Limerick are teaching us all a bit about what they call ‘a solid sense of self-esteem’.

Power to laugh

People from Limerick are, mostly, mad about them. As much as they take the piss out of the citaaaay, they also, weirdly maybe, give it some self-esteem and identity. The power to laugh at ourselves is something Irish people have in spades, and it can be a real source of community and strength, especially in these challenging times.

Clever approach

These are guys that are confident in their own sense of humour, their own mind, and the way they see the world. A lot of what they do is with quite a clever approach; insightfully making fun of a situation without ever actually being mean or ripping into anyone is a real skill. Especially when you’ve got a plastic bag on your head.

Charity gig

Added to all that they’re doing a charity gig in aid of (that’s us, see) and donating all the proceeds, which is obviously pretty sound of them. They reference mental health in a way that can make it easier to talk about, which is what we’re all about.

Rubberbandits are on in Dolan’s Warehouse, Limerick tonight.
Read some tips to work on your self-esteem, as well as not defining yourself by your Nikes.

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