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Celebrating independence

American flagToday, 4 July, is the day that America declared its independence, forever more to be celebrated with fireworks, picnics, hotdogs, amen.

Why we fight for it

Independence, as we know well here, is a pretty significant thing for a country. Nations will fight wars and go through years of suffering to be masters of their own destiny, and make their own decisions. People across the world have sacrificed bitterly for that right. What comes next?

The whole aftermath bit wasn’t so smooth in America, or France (with the be-heading and stuff) or here. Civil wars, making laws, trying to get the trains to run on time…whoever it was that said that with freedom comes responsibility wasn’t half right.

Personal battles

It might seem like a bit of a stretch to compare the wars of independence fought by nations with the relatively insignificant battle for freedom that we all go through growing up. But when you think about it they’re not so far apart.

Without independence, we can feel frustrated and oppressed. Why should anyone else, your folks or your teachers or whoever it is you’re up against, get to decide what happens to you, or what you do? Coping with a lack of independence is tough. We fight for the right to decide, to choose, to be by ourselves.

Going it alone

When we win, just like countries who are suddenly out on their own, there’s a whole lot to figure out. Whether it’s getting a job and a flat or just being able to make decisions in your own space, independence is tough – you can’t manage without it, but managing it isn’t easy.

From the practical, money stuff to getting support making big decisions, or figuring out what you want to do with your life, it can take a bit of time to get to grips with it all. There can be plenty of rough bits along the way. We make mistakes and need to get back up again.Eventually, we get the hang of it. It might not be time for fireworks and hotdogs, but it feels good.

If you’re finding it tough to manage independence, or struggling to have a bit more freedom, check out what is independence, as well as money, work and study for tips on going it on your own.

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