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Are you festival fit?

As much fun as they are, festivals can be a real test of your endurance. As for the week after well, that can just be hellish. We are kind of at beginning of festival season, so let’s look at a few things you can do either side to reduce those post-festival blues.

festival courtesy of stck exchngThese are mostly the complete opposite of what you do at a festival.


Sleep, sleep, sleep. Quality sleep that is. Not just that zombie kind of sleep in front of the telly watching Oprah or repeats of How I met your mother. Don’t fight it, go to bed and get some proper sleep. Learn about relaxation if you have trouble sleeping

Eat well

Even though there can be lovely healthy food stands nowadays at festivals, you can find yourself gravitating toward the burger stands. This can add to the lethargic feeling when you can get home. Find out about good nutrition.


Even though you probably end up dancing your socks off all weekend, gentle exercise either side of festivals can do you the world of good. Just get out for a brisk 30 minute work a day, it’ll keep you moving and help clear your head.

Stay hydrated

The only reason you pay attention to time at all at festivals is to keep an eye on the playlist for your favourite bands, otherwise it’s a bit skewed. Day-time drinking is not something most of us are used to (em – hopefully) and as this is generally part of the festival routine it’s really important you drink water all day as well.

Even if you don’t drink alcohol, they can be long days, so just keep drinking water too to make sure you’re properly hydrated. Yes, the porta-loos are grim but don’t avoid water, it definitely helps you in the long-run.

Checking in

Make a point of chatting to your mates that you were with or that you know were at the festival and talk about it, either in person or on the phone. It can be really helpful to be around people who feel the same, so you can work through the fear together.


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