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Becca, one of our ambassadors, gave us her account of doing the Leaving Cert from the vantage point of one year on. Here she tells us about finishing up.

Music was my last exam. There was a week and a day off between my other exams and it, which meant I had loads of time to study for it, but didn’t. There was that whole “I’ll study tomorrow” element to it that I think everyone has when it comes to time off before exams.

Finishing together

Most of my friends were finished around the same time, which helped when it came to celebrating being finished we didn’t have to wait for anyone to finish. My friends and me had a few drinks in one of the girl’s houses, it was a nice way to relax and celebrate no more exams.


Pretty much as soon as I walked out of the last exam I was out of “Leaving Cert mode”. I just walked out and put it all behind me until results night.
One great thing about being finished was that I could go out again. There was no pressure to stay in and study while the sun was shining in the window

Waiting for results

For the most part I forgot about results for the summer. There were moments where it entered my mind but I knew there was nothing I could do about them or get them any sooner so I just forgot about them. I was looking forward to going out results night more than worrying about the actual results.

Over the summer

After the exams I just went out with my friends as usual, had some girly nights in and crazy nights out and even did things like the Dublin Zombie Walk for the laugh. Some people think it’s an anticlimax after the actual exams. But if you’re finishing up your exams now I’d recommend looking at it as a celebration. Go out and have the most epic summer of your lives like I did.

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