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We did it! – Cork Marathon

Cork ReachOut marathonWell, all our last minute training paid off! On monday,  6 June 2011 the relay team managed to cross all respective finish lines much quicker than expected, with a very respectable time of 4 hours 16 minutes.


I ran the beginning of the relay and it was the first time I’d run with other people as I was used to training alone. The cheers and shouts from people lining the route were really encouraging. The drummer group and gospel choir in Blackpool really spurred me on. It’s all about having the right attitude (and of course fitness level!) but the support from well-wishers definitely helped.


I was never a runner, but now I think I’ve got the bug! I want to keep training and hope to sign up for another run soon to keep me motivated. I think it’s given us all an incentive to get fit and stay fit now we feel the benefits of everything that goes with it, like eating healthily and getting a good night’s sleep. Who knows maybe some of us will join Nigel in the full marathon next year!


Congratulations to all the relay team and to Nigel, whose amazing challenge for himself inspired us to run in the first place.


A huge thanks to all who sponsored us and wished us well.


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