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Ever been unsure about how to get help for a mental health problem? You’re not the only one…

A UNICEF report launched recently highlights that half of all teenagers who participated in their online survey in Ireland have experienced depression while one in four have felt suicidal.

Getting help

It’s upsetting to hear that so many Irish teenagers have felt this low, but what’s more worrying is according to this report only 18% are receiving help of any kind for their mental health problems. Most of this help came from friends and family, with very few accessing mental health services. Support from friends and family is very important, but may not always be enough to get through your tough time.

How to access help

While there can be a degree of uncertainty about how to access mental health professionals, it’s important to remember there are always people and services that can support you through a tough time. It’s just a matter of finding those services – that’s where comes in. There is information on this site to explain and direct you to services that can help you through.

Steps to take

There’s no need to suffer unnecessarily. There are many ways to improve our well-being and deal with mental health problems. If you are concerned about a mental health problem talk to a trusted friend or family member about it. 
Then the next step you could take is to see your GP. GPs are like gatekeepers; you have to see them first before you can see a specialist.


Specialist services are free with the HSE, but you might have to wait a while for an appointment. 
You also have the option to see a counsellor privately, which will be quicker, but you will have to pay (although some offer payment based on what you can afford, so do ask). See for details of counsellors in your local area.

If ever you or a friend needs immediate help, call 999 or go straight to A&E.

Have a look through the getting help section for different types of treatment and services available to help you get through a tough time.

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