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Learning to take it easy

Are you one of the lucky ones heading towards the Leaving Cert next week? Panic stations.

You still have a good bit of time no matter what anyone tells you. NEVER underestimate what you can cover in this last stretch.

Have a look at a previous post for planning out your actual exam time well, but it’s also really important to take it easy.

Look after yourself

We’ve mentioned it before here that it’s vital you keep looking after yourself during this time.  
It might be tempting to go flat out for the next while but you’ll need all your energy to actually get through the exams. The exams can go on for a few weeks for some of you and it can be quite endurance test in itself.

So you’ll need some downtime to keep your batteries charged.

Take time out

Knowing how to relax properly is a skill for life, really. At times when you have so much to do it mightn’t seem important, but for your brain to work at its best and good physical and mental health, you need to take time out.

What works for you?

On a positive note, as often as we witness celebrity melt-downs these days, a good number of people in public life make a point of mentioning how important time out is.

Gemma Hayes recently said in an interview:
“If I’m full of noise or clutter, I can’t write. Is my life cluttered? No, my life is busy, but I’m adamant in having time where it’s quiet, so I’d go out of my way to make that kind of time. And yet I jump in and out of that too. I love people, and I love being out and about during the day. I have a lot of people in my life, but I also like turning off the phone”

ReachOut celebrity ambassador Laura Whitmore too recently told us how she deals with stress and what she does to chill out.

These examples show us how relaxation is different for everyone as well as its importance. Look at some different options.

Let us know

So even though you’ve loads of work to do, take it easy too. Let us know what works for you – it might help someone else!

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