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Welcome to our shiny new site!

We’ve spent the last few months hard at work re-designing and improving

We had a good few goals with the new site and wanted to make it:

Easy to navigate

There is a lot of information here and we found some of it was a bit hidden.

Full of clear, relevant and helpful information

Even though we are one and half-years-old, some information needed updating and fact-checking. We will continue to do this on a regular basis so you’re informing yourself with accurate knowledge.

A really useful place for anyone that’s going through a tough time

Everyone goes through a tough time at some stage of their lives and a tough time can be many things. There are a huge amount of issues covered here but if you feel there is something missing, let us know.

Added extras

To help you get through tough times we have added a few new features.

  • Stories

We’re looking for you to share your story of getting through a tough time to help others. You can do it easily through this form.

  • Videos

We have a new video wall to host our videos. As we are always looking to increase our video content as it can be an easier way to absorb information we are launching a video competition. This is for anyone interested in video or animation but there are more details here.

  • Ask the expert

Our ‘Ask the expert’ section is something we’re really excited about. As we work with a lot of partner organisations and clinic advisors we thought it would be a good idea to provide a platform were you could ask any questions you might have. We will be featuring an expert a month and printing your questions (anonymously) and answers at the beginning of the following week.

If you like what you see here and want to get involved please do.
But other than that if you have any feedback – good or bad – you can offer it below or email

Happy browsing!

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