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Jedward rule!

Jedward jumping in the airBold title, eh? Tonight Jedward are representing Ireland in the semi-finals for the 2011 Eurovision song contest in Dussledorf.

Positive mental attitude

They may well get to go on and perform in the finals this Saturday. The odds at the bookies are fairly high and if this was a competition in positive mental attitude they would be a shoo-in. A lesson to us all maybe?

One news report stated that “everyone is getting the joke” and “this joke is not lost in translation like Dustin was”.

But is it a joke?

As a nation we took this competition far too seriously for too long. Our sense of ownership and entitlement of the title have been rightly rattled in the last few years.

It’s a song competition, let’s be honest, a catchy/irritating song competition, so not unlike X factor.

This time is different

Clearly our perception of Jedward has shifted since then. Even if this song entry is fittingly irritating, we want them to succeed and not just because we want to win.  We’re now rooting for who they are; people who make us smile.

Internationally it’s looking like it doesn’t really matter if they win or not, they are taking over the world. Jedmania is infectious and no one is immune.

As an act, Jedward are a bit of a harmless fun. If nothing else, it’s providing a welcome novelty in positive coverage for Ireland, particularly in a European context.  Bringing a bit of glitter, frivolous fun and eh…lipstick back home.

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