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Big days and big pressures

So whether you care or not and apparently we don’t really, with reports all week of 60% to 80% of Irish people not giving a whatever, it’s royal wedding day and it’s everywhere.

I would have to say though those statistics seem to mean nothing now the actual day has arrived.

The scrutiny of Kate Middleton up to the event is now actually quite normal for a big celebrity event. Or is it just too much?

Big day

Everyone has been making commentary about her looks and weight loss, using it as a hook for chat shows about the pressure brides feel before their big day.

It’s indicative, albeit on a grand scale, of how much pressure we can feel for big events, for anything we need to appear or perform at.

Many types of judgment

Our families can put us under pressure in many ways, a lot of you will be well aware of how much right now approaching exam time. Who we go out with or how we behave can be reasons for judgment.

Our teachers or bosses may set unrealistic targets for us to meet. But sometimes we can have the most unrealistic expectations of ourselves, giving ourselves the hardest time.

Positive influence

Expectations and pressure can have a positive influence, helping to challenge or motivate us to do your best. However, too much pressure to achieve can cause us to burn out. Depending on how much and for how long, it can affect us in many ways, physically and psychologically.

This celebrity scrutiny doesn’t help though. It’s a reminder of pressures we feel and can make us think that everyone will judge us this harshly.


Managing expectations from other people can sometimes just involve talking to them about it. At times it can involve a bit more than that. Read managing expectations for some more tips.

If you find it’s yourself who is the one creating this pressure you might be unconsciously setting yourself up for failure. Have a look at goal setting and maybe reevaluate your targets.

One thing to be very thankful for is whatever we’re at, half the world will not be watching.

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