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Running towards the Cork Marathon

used trainers courtesy of stock xhngThis is the second blog entry from Nigel who is training for the Cork marathon.

It’s been about two months since my last blog entry and I’m happy to report I’m slowly but surely making my way through the running programme. My eyes are still firmly set on the finish line on 6 June.


Increasing distances

The first 12 week one was to gradual increase in distance from 1.5 to six miles. While it certainly was tough for me at the time (exercise wasn’t exactly top of my hobbies list before November!), the jump in distance was a little easier on the legs.

Now this 18 week program takes me from 6 to 26.2 miles! So the runs are much longer, more time consuming and generally just tougher on my body.

Taking care

Now more than ever it’s important for me to eat plenty of carbohydrates before a big run, while getting a solid sleep the couple of nights beforehand is important too.

I’m just over the halfway point now and I have to say I am still really enjoying it. The midweek runs can get a bit tedious but I just focus on the run I’ve to do that day and take it one step at a time. A bit of a cliché perhaps but it’s true.

I’ve started to really look forward to the long runs at the weekend, especially if it’s a distance I haven’t completed before. There’s no better feeling than hitting another milestone, so to speak.

I recently competed in the prestigious Ballycotton 10 K road race. I was eager to experience a race day before the marathon itself. Delighted with my finish time, 89:59, I managed an average of nine minutes a mile. The atmosphere on the day and adrenaline really does help in pushing you to the end.

Losing weight

Since I started running I’ve managed to lose a little over 28 pounds, which has obviously been fantastic for me health wise. I really was quite overweight so that’s been an added bonus!

It’s strange thinking back four or five months ago when I really was struggling to finish six laps of  track, now I’m completing 15-mile runs. I’m feeling better about myself overall! It really has proved to me how much you can achieve when you set your mind to something.


The other dimension of my marathon journey is the fundraising, which has gotten off to a flying start. I’ve already reached over a quarter of my target thanks to my friends and family. There’s a long way to go but with everyone’s continued support I’ll be able to cross that finishing line too!

This whole experience has proved to me that anything is achievable once you set your mind to it, with the right amount of support, enthusiasm and dedication. My biggest challenge still lies ahead….but I can’t wait to tackle it!


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