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A new face has joined the realms of global YouTube sensations and her name is Jemma Pixie Hixon. Her acoustic covers of Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga have propelled her into internet stardom, and the girl from Worcestershire is now the biggest trending video in China.


However, the thing about it that’s really got the media in a tailspin is that while her Youtube videos might have travelled the globe, Jemma herself hasn’t left her house for two years.


She struggles with a condition called agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder, and it can cause panic attacks when sufferers feel they can’t escape from a particular place – usually an open or space, a large crowd or a social environment like a lift or a airplane where they don’t feel in control. It affects around 5% of the adult population, which makes it one of the most common phobias.

In Jemma’s case, she has found it too difficult to leave the house.


Jemma, who’s 20-years-old now, had always wanted to be a singer, and used to perform regularly before she began struggling with agoraphobia. In interviews, she has been very open about how she feels.

“It’s a strange thing because I know logically I have nothing to worry about walking out of the house but it’s a completely different thing when I actually try and do it. After I left school I didn’t really have any reason to get me out of the house so it was easy for me to stay in.”

Outside world

Over time, Youtube began to act as her window to the world. She records videos from her bedroom, and that way can still do what she loves.

But Jemme Pixie Hixon is determined to conquer fears to achieve her dream. She hopes that the internet is helping her prepare for the outside world again. She has the deal with positive and negative comments, and believes that her success in the online world will make things easier.

“My dream is to become a recording artist but I know I can’t do that by staying in my bedroom.

Tough times

Jemma has teamed up with other Youtube singers to release a single in aid of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief fund. She knows that her fans in Japan are having a tough time too.

We at think it’s great that she’s acknowledging her problem and not letting it prevent her from following her dream. Having something to aim for can be a really good motivator through tough times. We wish Jemma all the best dealing with her agoraphobia and we’re looking forward to the day when she’ll be touring as well as trending.

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