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Yes, it is actually Friday

It’s Friday – cue irritating repetitive song from 13-year-old Rebecca Black. No, not being unnecessarily mean here, it is a very irritating song, but no more than most formulaic pop efforts. Certainly not worthy of the airtime it’s getting.


But it’s not the song so much that is creating the buzz about this but the reaction. Trending for weeks now on twitter with people calling it the worst song ever, it really has brought out some ridiculously hateful commentary.

Internet trolls

The anonymity of the internet is something we obviously see the benefits of in as people can find out and seek help online for mental health issues in private. But this same anonymity has made the way for this wave of trolls, those who unleash inflammatory and hateful comments.


Incredibly aggressive threatening comments have been sent to a sweet 13-year-old girl. Actually it doesn’t matter how sweet she is, no one in her position deserves the torrent of abuse she has received.


Unfortunately, this case is not in isolation. Ok, in this case it’s cyberbulling on a very grand scale, but it is becoming more and more common here. Make no excuses, the effect is the same as regular bullying.

Thinly veiled

Bullying can have a very damaging affect and can happen to anyone at any stage of your life.  It should never be tolerated but unfortunately there are plenty of areas were it is encouraged. It’s always veiled as something else of course. In some sports it can be considered motivational to constantly put someone down a lot.

Know what to do

For most of us, we’re not going to have a gang of celebrities come out to defend us as in Rebecca Black’s case so arm yourself with knowledge of what to do if you’re being bullied.

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