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When Irish are…green?

Tomorrow is Paddy’s Day. What’s the drill? Get up early, or maybe late after a hard night out tonight, go into the parade near you, or watch parades on TV. Start drinking, early. Is this going to be a lecture about drinking? No, but do stay safe and take it easy. No harm in saying it.

shamrocksPaddy’s Day is meant to be a day that we celebrate being Irish, not just about marching bands, green beer, diddley aye, leprechaun hats and vomit.

So what about it?

Are you proud to be Irish? We have a very rich cultural heritage that we dine out on quite a bit but what about now? As a nation we were heralded internationally as such an economic success story, not to go on about it as it’s tired at this stage and so over.


But now we’re the underdog again, let’s take a little stock of who we are. For such a small nation we still produce a huge amount of art, from music, literature, plays, dance and visual arts.


Again for underdogs we are punching way above our weight in games like rugby and cricket. Around the world people use GAA as a model of successful voluntary sports organisations.


Internationally Irish individuals donate the most amount of money to charity, even now in the downturn. When there is a natural disaster Irish teams are generally in the first groups to respond with emergency assistance.


Then there is our unlimited capacity to laugh at ourselves.  This can go a little too far at times but god knows we need it sometimes. (If you haven’t seen this satire of terminal two do watch) We’re very funny really.


We still have a beautiful country (in parts). Even though people left in the past, they’ve always come back and will again.

So remember all these tourists here tomorrow, or worldwide celebrating Paddy’s Day, pretending to be oirish for the day. They’re here and pretending to be us and you know what they say about imitation…

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