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F**k my life

Love happy, money happy, beauty happy, friends happy, sports happy, McDonalds happy…F*ck My Life. 
What’s it really like being a teenager today? And how on earth do you become a happy one?

Following a sell-out European tour in 2010, the compelling play F*ck My Life returns this spring with a number of Irish and European dates.

Fenella went to see it in Cork on Wednesday

FML (F*uck My Life) made a return to its native Cork this week, opening in the Everyman Palace Theatre on 1 March. The premise of the play is to allow insight into the lives of the cast of 15 young Cork people. The 90 minute duration of the play took me through such a range of emotions; I laughed out loud, I cried, I sat on the edge of my seat with tension. It would be hard not to be touched by the experiences of these young people as they talk about issues of suicide, unhappiness and isolation.


It’s a powerful piece of theatre production, but I felt there should be some kind of afterword to comfort the audience (myself included) who may be left feeling vulnerable after sitting through such an intense 90 minutes.

Maybe the availability of a counsellor in the lobby to talk to if necessary, would help how you feel going home. I would struggle to recommend it to anyone dealing with issues of suicide or depression because of the lack of follow-up help available or promoted in the theatre.

Teenage life

It is a thought-provoking production and really reaches the audience who leave understanding a bit better what teenage life can be like. It goes a long way to promoting the issue of youth mental health as something that needs to be talked about more in Ireland and the take-home message is that young people need to be listened to and have their voices heard.

If you have been affected by suicide read when someone takes their own life.

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