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Be your own Valentine

Sometimes the world seems like Noah’s Ark, everyone in pairs – two by two. Christmas is barely over and shops gear up to Valentine’s Day assaulting you with flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and love hearts.

Happy and single

Whether you buy into the hoopla about Valentine’s Day or not it can certainly seem that everyone is in a couple at times. The important thing to remember if you’re not is, that’s ok and it’s ok to be happy about it. Being in a relationship is not necessarily the key to happiness and you also cannot expect your boyfriend /girlfriend to be the answer to everything.

Different wants

Everyone is different and this is reflected in what we want out of life. There are lots of good reasons why you may not want a relationship or feel as though you are not ready to have a relationship with someone right now.

This is your life and it’s not a dress rehearsal, so try not to spend your time while you’re single wishing that you weren’t. This is the time to build a life to satisfy you and enjoy the freedom of being single!

Benefits of being single

A lot of your big decisions only affect you and don’t involve a partner’s wants or needs

  • You don’t have to consider someone else when making a lot of your life choices, this may particularly involve travel
  • You can concentrate on doing things you enjoy
  • You can spend time with your friends and meet new people to have good times with
  • It gives you time to reflect on your choices
  • You don’t have to waste money on an expensive Valentine’s card
  • You don’t have to cram into an over-busy restaurant for the worst service you’ll get any day of the year while having to smile blissfully all evening!
  • Time out

    Spend time with other single people. It may be a good time to try joining a sports team to meet some new people. You can also take time out to concentrate on doing things you enjoy.

    Right time

    If friends are giving you hassle because you’re single, rest assured that you will meet someone when the time is right, or when the person feels right to be with. They also don’t have to be marriage material, but just someone who makes you feel comfortable and you can have a good time with.

    Maybe on a day like today spend some time thinking about the things you like about yourself. Happy Valentine’s.

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