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On Wednesday 9 February, Get On Board for Youth Mental Health campaign was launched. This is a call to action to get youth mental health on the political agenda.

Joint campaign

The campaign, spearheaded by four national youth groups (ReachOut, 
Headstrong, Fóroige and BeLong To) was launched to put young people directly in touch with their local candidates.

Issues that matter

We often hear politicians talking about the importance of investing in our country’s future. So we’re asking why issues that matter to young people, like their mental health, rarely feature in political debates. We want to make sure that youth mental health becomes an issue that is talked about, by young people and their local representatives.

Energetic campaign

Get on Board for Youth Mental Health has two angles,aimed at both young people and election candidates:

Get On Board Online! – the hub of the campaign. You can support the campaign and interact with your candidates through an online map. Tweets and emails can be sent directly though the site.
Videos and photos of every candidate that gets on board, as well as messages of support from well-known faces will be constantly uploaded to the site so you can see exactly who is supporting our campaign.

Get on Board the Bus! – a campaign bus will be hitting the streets next week! We’re travelling to candidates around the country asking them to “get on board” with youth mental health. We might even play a little game of “Follow the Leader!”
 The open-top bus will be full of young people, a band and a camera crew and candidates will be invited on board to hear what young people have to say.

We want every candidate in the country to be asked, be it on Facebook or on the doorstep: ”What are you doing to get on board for youth mental health?”

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