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Mental Health Week in Cork

Last week University College Cork (UCC) held a Mental Health week. For this, the team joined then with the “Note to self” campaign. You can see some pictures from the event on our facebook page. Padraig Rice, UCC Welfare Officer wrote us this blog post about the reasons for Mental Health Week.

Mental Health Week is an annual event in University College Cork orgainsed by the Students’ Union. This year we decided to have it around “Blue Monday”as the third Monday of January has become affectionately known.


Now despite the fact that the formula for calculating the date of Blue Monday has been criticised (and, let’s face it, it is on shaky grounds) the idea has merit.

Broken resolutions

It’s just after Christmas, the almost empty Mardyke arena [note from the editor: apparently this is some sort sporting arena in Cork] smacks of failed New Year’s resolutions, the rent is due and us students are still paying for Christmas presents by eating nothing but rice and/or beans! Thus Mental Health Week was reincarnated.

Tough times

The Students’ Union Welfare Office has seen an increase in foot traffic this term. Results are back from Christmas exams, more deadlines loom around the corner, our houses are reminisce of ice boxes (or maybe that’s just mine) and most of us haven’t got two cents to rub together.

Back to basics

Words like ‘”change” and “the future” are being flung carelessly around the place in the media, and quite frankly, are suffocating. We want Mental Health Week to get back to the basics, we are all a bit on edge. Take time out, how has Blue Monday affected you? Or has it been a Blue Week, a Blue Month?

Faceless resource

Having on campus was important to publicise the online resources and networks available to all of us. can remain a faceless resource of help, comfort and ideas or it can provide great opportunities to get involved, meet other people and discuss issues that affect us all.

Look after your mental health

The most important thing to take away from Mental Health Week this year is that you are not the only person struggling at the moment, that there is help on campus and online for you and that looking after your mental health is paramount!

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