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Recession is creating a downturn in mood

More cuts in the budget, with more to come and for the foreseeable future. Job losses and stories of emigration are in the news, nearly everyday.

The whole country’s feeling a strain and it shouldn’t be a surprise this is having a very negative impact on people’s mental health.

Young people are continuously given the message “the party’s over and you just missed it”.

Impact report

Today, the suicide prevention organisation Samaritans launched their first impact report for Ireland. They have seen a huge increase in calls to its service in the last 12 months as the recession has deepened.

As well as the increase in the amount of calls the Samaritans remarked on the increasing intensity of the calls they took.


According to director Suzanne Costello: “Many of our callers were experiencing relationship difficulties, which were exacerbated by financial difficulties. Fear of unemployment, self-harm and anxiety about the future were also common reasons for calls.”

These are very real concerns and it’s important to remember that if you experience any of these that help is out there, in many forms.

Tough times

These are tough times we’re all experiencing but knowing that and hearing about people who are worse off than you doesn’t always help. In fact, it can make you feel guilty about going through your own tough time and your own anxieties.

Getting help

If you are feeling distressed or overwhelmed, confiding in someone can often help. You could talk to families or friends about how you’re feeling, but remember, only as much as you are comfortable with. Or you can read about talking to someone outside the situation.

  • If you need to speak to someone now, you can call Samaritans on 116 123.

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