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Elizabeth Murray is a vice-president of the Student’s Union in NUI Maynooth and wrote a blog entry for us about the “Note to self” campaign when we visited in November. 

In the middle of January students in Maynooth received their postcards with messages to themselves.

Maynooth Students’ Union and Reachout ran the “Note to self” event in Maynooth back in November. Most events that we host are brilliant at the time but the visible effects are rarely long lasting – this event was so different.


The level of anticipation among the students was unreal. Students were constantly asking when would they (or their friends) receive their postcards! On 13 January I woke up to several texts from people who were just overwhelmed with the content of the cards that had been sent to them.


Even staff members who had been sent cards were blown away by the positive messages that had appeared completely out-of-the-blue. We were in the middle of exam season and seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces, or the positive messages on facebook or in emails about how great the postcards made people feel was really exciting.

Tough times

I had honestly never gotten a response like that from any other campaign we had run. Times are so tough for so many people at the moment. The main focus is on huge problems and huge solutions and so it was amazing to see how effective positive words were on so many people.

Absolutely brilliant initiative that I cannot recommend strongly enough!


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