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It’s our birthday today!

Happy Birthday to us, happy birthday to us …We are one year old today! And you wouldn’t know it, in fact we were just discussing here that this last year has been akin to a dog year, when you look at all we’ve done.


We launched last year on 5 November and our main objective was, and remains to be, to help young people get through tough times.

Sharing information

We’ve been doing this by creating a ReachOut community of over 2,000 members, providing a platform for people to share their experiences and hosting a place to get trustworthy information on mental health issues either for yourself or someone you know

At the beginning

ReachOut’s roots belong in Australia and last November, the Australian rugby team popped in to see how an organisation that was founded in Australia was kicking off (there was no sporting pun intended there, honestly) in Ireland.

Just because things look perfect…

In January we launched our first ad campaign with online, radio and posters across the country highlighting the message that just because things might look perfect on the outside, it doesn’t mean they are. Thanks to fantastic support from our partners we were able to get this message out to thousands of people across Ireland while promoting


In June we hosted a comedy night with Declan Rooney, Joe Rooney, Pat McDonnell and Cian Hallinan. The night was a whole lot of laughs, while raising valuable funds for our work. In fact, keep an eye out for Pat McDonnell as you’ll see him on again very soon.

Comedians Dermot Whelan and Jason Byrne have also given very personal and helpful tips on looking after your mental health.


If you were at Oxegen this year you may have clapped eyes on some extra special wellies and tents, all designed by the ReachOut team. We managed to spray painted 216 wellies and 40 tents in the rain. It is obligatory to rain at Oxegen, granted, but this was quite an achievement. Thanks to Laura Whitmore, our home-grown MTV presenter, for launching this.

At Kings of Concrete 7,500 hoops were dunked/basketballs were thrown and went through baskets (y’see not so comfortable with sporting terms) to win special edition Maser-tagged t-shirts. Yep, 7,500!

The aim of

While we’d like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have gotten involved, it’s important to note that it’s not all fun and games. As mentioned we want to help you get through times so we’d like to know if you think we’re doing a good job? Are we going about it the right way? Have we helped in any way?

This is a service for you and we’d very much like to hear your thoughts to help us improve either by commenting here or mail us at

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