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Hey, I’m Maser. 

Thanks to for asking me to get involved. I think it’s a great cause and a service I believe is really needed for young people in Ireland. Every few weeks I’m going to blog about what I’m at, my thoughts and what I’m working on etc. I might as well start from the start:

I’m a Dublin based graffiti artist. I started expressing an interest in graffiti ‘tagging’ when I was about 14. Up to no good as a young lad, like most of us. One or two of my mates at the time shared the same interest. As we grew up, we began to understand ourselves a lot more and started pursuing our own interests. See, when you’re young, you’re easily influenced. There’s nothing wrong with that though as it helps you find yourself. 

I went through a lot of transitions in my life, in my early teens I used to work the bogs with my dad and uncles every summer, cutting, turning and bagging turf. When I was 15 I trained with the Dublin basketball team out in Tallaght.  As I got older I started working in kitchens as a kitchen porter for a few years, then a commi chief making breakfasts for 200 yanks at 6 in the morning.  All the while I’d be still scribbling my name. 

When I finished up in school, I went to art college, it didn’t work out so I dropped out. Even at this age, probably 19-20 at the time, I still didn’t know myself, what I wanted. Took a year out to get my head together, got focused, stopped the messin and went back. I loved every minute of it, most days I’d be there from 9am-9pm. It was a whole new world to me, I had a very influential tutor, and he was like the Gordon Ramsey of the design world. He’d eat the head off ya, but for your own good. I graduated with a distinction in a BA in Design Communication and was Awarded Membership of the International Society of Typographic Designers, MISTD.

While in school and college my love for graffiti grew more and more, to be honest it was like a secret love affair, I couldn’t stop thinking about her day and night, my tutors hated her and so did my parents. I’d sneak out at night and paint, this wasn’t a hobby, it was an obsession! Everything revolved around it, all the money I made went straight into graffiti, girlfriends became jealous, I couldn’t stop. I realised it was the first thing I had where I could do something with no restrictions or rules, it wasn’t for anyone else so no-one could dictate what I did. 

So here I am now, luckily in a situation where I can do what I love. I paint most days, for myself and work too, beats workin those early mornings in cold kitchens! At the moment I’m tucked away in the studio, workin on a few pieces for an exhibition that will be in October. It’s collaboration between me and musician Damien Dempsey. You can check it out here at The purpose of the exhibition is to raise enough money from the art to purchase a medical van for the Dublin Simon Community for the homeless of Dublin city. I’ll let ya’s know next month how I got on and will post a few flicks too.

Something Damo said in one of his songs I heard years ago really stuck with me ‘If you have your own around you and also possess your health, At the end of the day you’ll discover that that is the most essential wealth”


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