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Story of started in Ireland just over a year ago and in very timely fashion the ABC TV network in Australia has produced a documentary on Jack Heath, the founder of Inspire and

Jack visited us recently at our Youth Advisory Network event and he got involved with creating a great graffiti mural.

Jack’s story is an interesting account about one man’s drive and passion to help young people, but also an inspiring example of how he dealt with his own tough time and turned it into a positive example for all of us.

Jack is a former diplomat and political adviser who became a high flying speech writer working in the ┬áprime minister’s office.

But the murder of a close friend, followed by the suicide of a young cousin, led to an emotional watershed that forced him to confront his own repressed childhood trauma.

Seeking a more meaningful life, Jack Heath shocked his family and friends by turning his back on a promising political career to establish Inspire, which is committed to supporting and inspiring young people.

Now, after ten years of success in Australia, is in Ireland and the US.

Check out the full story on the ABC website:

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