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Network Event 2010

On Saturday we had our first big network event at! It was a day to say a big thank you to everyone who got involved in the past year and to meet people who want to get involved in the future. The day started off bright and early ..well for some of us at least, and after fixing a deafening alarm and making the office a bit more presentable we were ready for our visitors.

So with all present and accounted for we got down to the formalities with talks from Vince, Elaine and the founder of Jack Heath who came all the way from America to see us. Then after indulging in some pizza we set out in a convoy of taxis to our next location to undertake the mammoth task of making a mural.

With spray cans at the ready and a little instruction from a seasoned pro we got to work. It was really fun and everyone got into it regardless of artistic ability, but in fairness we are quite the talented group! Everyone was happily spraying whether they had to crouch down or stand on a very unstable old couch facing the biggest spider I have ever seen it was all done in the name of art! At the end it was all hands in to get the stencils in the right places for the prefect logo and our work was done. It was a brilliant day, the mural turned out great and thanks to everyone for coming, now we are looking forward to the next one!

For all the photos check out our facebook page.

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