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We try to ensure that everything we do at is evidence-based and underpinned by research.

This section of provides information on the research we carry out to evaluate and ReachOut 101. We also include an overview of research conducted by partner organisations that we are involved in. research and evaluation

User survey
The team conducts an annual user survey to explore demographics of our visitors, their help-seeking knowledge, preferences and behaviours as well as their attitudes to mental health.

Commentary analysis
Each year the team analyse the commentary submitted to to understand the types of conversation and topics our visitors are interested in.

The number of site visitors, the time spent on the site, the pages viewed, how visitors found their way to the site and much more are tracked on an ongoing basis through the use of Google Analytics.

So far, three reports have been published presenting findings from the research conducted on

ReachOut 101 evaluation

ReachOut 101 is an online mental health promotion course. It has been developed by the team for those who want to learn about mental health in a more structured way.

ReachOut 101 is evaluated through two questionnaires; one at the beginning of the course and a very similar questionnaire at the end of the course. The researchers then check to see if there any differences in mental health literacy and online communication skills at the end of the course.

An evaluation of data collected over the first 12 months of operation was presented at our Technology for Wellbeing conference. The ReachOut 101 presentation .pdf is available here for download.(1,023 KB)

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