Free information event for parents

30 March 2017

The National Parents Council post primary is hosting FREE Information Event for parents on Saturday, 8 April 2017 about cyberbullying and cyber-aggression.

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Assertiveness for young people

21 March 2017

Assertiveness is a healthy way of communicating and a life skill we can all work at.

Self-harm booklet for parents

13 March 2017

Self-harm is of great concern to parents we have spoken with. As a result, we developed a booklet with the HSE for parents about self-harm and young people


Safer Internet Day 2017

2 February 2017

Next week, Tuesday, 7 February is Safer Internet Day. This is to remind us we all have a responsibility to make the internet a safe space and be good digital citizens.

Conflict skills for young people

13 January 2017

As a parent you have a lot to teach a young person about dealing with conflict and when it can and can’t be avoided.

CAO applications

12 January 2017

Recent reports of the the high drop out rate after first year college show highlight what a big decision picking the right course is in the first place.

Helping young people deal with anxiety

12 January 2017

More and more young people are reporting levels of anxiety that’s interfering with their daily lives.

What can you do about homophobic bullying

9 December 2016

What can you do as a parents if your son or daughter is experiencing homophobic bullying

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What you can do with the family at Christmas

7 December 2016

Christmas can be stressful and expensive so what can you do to not only minimise the stress but enjoy it?

Busy shopping street with Christmas lights

Helping a stressed young person

29 November 2016

While it can be impossible to rid our lives entirely of stress, learning to manage it effectively is a good skill for life.