The importance of being confident

21 May 2014

One of the hardest, but most important tasks of a parent or guardian is to try and build their son or daughter’s self-confidence.

Youth Mental Health Confidence

5 steps to mindfulness

15 May 2014

Mindfulness is being aware or paying attention. It’s learning how to live more in the moment, without judging yourself.


Bridging the digital disconnect

15 May 2014

The findings of the The Bridging the Digital Disconnect Report led to the development of

Digital Disconnect

Alcohol and mental health

17 March 2014

Alcohol has a huge impact on our mental health and it’s now believed that young people develop a lot of their attitudes towards alcohol from what they observe at home.


Overcoming loneliness

17 March 2014

It’s easy to assume that feeling lonely isn’t something most young people have to worry about, but young people can often feel isolated.


Sexual health: not a hot topic but an important one

17 March 2014

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) have just launched a nationwide Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance (SHAG) campaign.


John Murray discusses his depression

15 November 2013

RTÉ radio 1 presenter John Murray has discussed his experience with depression after six months away from the airways. His own experience “Depression took a fancy to me and decided to take up residence for a few months” he said, adding though, that “boy did it make its presence felt”. On his return to the…

RTE radio 1 presenter John Murray in studio